Spruce up your home with oak shelves

The right shelf will transform your room. It can make the place go from cluttered, dull and cramped. to clean, smart and fresh. An oak shelf will be a fantastic choice for your room, as it will do wonders in vamping up the space from meh to mega.

Oak is used for a myriad of purposes. Not only is it used for shelving, but it can be used for beams, flooring, foundations, ships, piers, wine and whiskey barrels, and even medicine. Not only that, but the oldest living organism on the planet is a colony of oak trees. The ancient Jurupa Oak colony in sunny California has a staggering age of around 13,000 years. Just like the mythical phoenix, they grow from burned stems, or rise from ashes.


A long-lasting and durable option

Oak is a very hard wood, which makes it strong and durable. Having been used for centuries, or even millennia, as a foundational building material, it was certainly relied upon by our ancestors. And why? Rather than disintegrate as it ages, oak actually gets harder. This makes it an ideal material for your home.

oak shelves

If it can support an entire house, it will have no trouble as a shelf. Your oak shelf will last for an entire lifetime, and longer. It will become a beautiful permanent fixture in your home.

She’s a natural beauty

Unlike plywood, oak is natural and beautiful already. Its deep colour really warms any space it is used in, and it is instantly recognisable. A genuine oak fixture in your home will impress your guests, as it hints at good taste and attention to stylistic detail.

Cheap alternatives will often attempt to mimic the colour and style of oak, but they won’t quite capture the truly authentic elegance that can be found in a real oak shelf. Not only that, but the rustic look of our oak shelves will really blow your visitors away. With natural features and individual fissures adding to the aged look, your oak shelf will bring a sense of antiquity and uniqueness to your room.

Add some steel brackets for that industrial chic edge, or you can opt for a floating style of shelf. Either way, any oak shelf will give your room that lift in vibes, as well as providing a stylish storage solution.

With a fantastic range of premium finishes available, it is possible to customise the look of your oak shelf in a variety of ways. You will always retain that natural warmth, but you can adjust the depth of colour you use, as well as the tone.

Your oak shelf will be made to last and it will, almost as importantly, look the absolute best that it can. With this natural woody, rustic feeling. bring some of the great outdoors into your home.

Clear floors, decorated walls

It is clear to most people that the more storage options your house has, the cleaner and more spacious it will feel. Oak shelves will mean that you can leave your surfaces for decor, and let your walls do the storing.

Solid Shelves

Your shelves can be arranged in groups on your wall to create a focal point for your wall. While your shelves are styling it out on the wall, your floor will have more space for other features.

Handmade shelves

There is nothing in this world that can compare to a solid block of oak, crafted and finished by hand. Everything about it from the weight, the colour, the texture, its individuality will give you a sense of connection to the very tree it came from.

The handiwork and craft provided by an independent workshop is far more special and individual than that of a mass producing furniture company. The personality and character found in shelves made from oak, compared to say, MDF is far superior and bears a longevity that will more than cover the price.

Oak shelves made by hand, and sourced from English forests and sawmills, tell a story. This story is one of an ancient craft, dating back millennia. Having access to every part of the supply chain ensures that everything is of the highest quality and lowest ecological impact possible.

Amen Sharma