Bringing Old Charm to New Builds: 4 Home Decor Tips

Have you always dreamed of living in a little farmhouse cottage? Picture this scene: overflowing fruit bowls on your dark oak table, an ancient grandfather clock, every knick-knack in its own place. The only problem: Your house is in central Birmingham. 

Lots of us residing in urban centres will often find ourselves romanticising the countryside, with its endless fields, its sheep and kindly elderly folk (forgetting perhaps the lack of jobs, supermarkets and nightclubs). 

Old stone cottages with low ceilings, bulging walls and wisteria growing are a staple of rural-living, rather than city-living. You’re more likely to live in a townhouse, or a new build.     

If your house is any newer than 1950, you will have plasterboard walls. An insulatory substance that has also been used to prevent fires, plasterboard has a less distinctive look than your charming rustic cottage. 

There are some ways you can bring some old fashioned charm into your new build, by using decor alone. 

  • Lime wash walls

Lime wash can produce the most glorious effects. Rather than giving your plasterboard walls a uniformly solid colour, it creates an almost cloud-like texture. This, when rendered in rich jewel tones, or russet earthy tones, will immediately bring oodles of character to the room.

It also has the effect of making the space seem warmer.

  • Carpets and rugs 

Richly coloured rugs, layered over carpets will add a touch of cosiness to your space. Choose rugs made from recycled, natural materials for sustainability, and longevity. Embroidered patterns, fringes, and borders are all great ways of bringing oomph into your home. 

  1. Rustic shelves  

Get some plasterboard rustic floating shelves. Not only will they provide you with the ultimate storage solution, if you choose a type made from high quality wood, they will grant your room a touch of class. High quality floating shelves are long-lasting, and will bring that immediate sense of tradition to your home. 

  • Levels 

The importance of coordination between levels cannot be underestimated. Think about the eyelines when people enter a room: you want high tables, low tables, chairs to give texture and depth to a visitor’s impression of your room. Combined with a mixture of ornaments, it’ll make your space seem a lot more individual.  

Amen Sharma