Some of our Favorite Creative Storage Solutions

With houses getting smaller, we have all had to get increasingly creative with how we store our belongings. An uncluttered room does benefit our mental health, as it helps clear the mind. Not only that, but it makes it easier to find particular belongings at any given time.  

Storage is one of those things, you don’t realize quite how much you need, until you don’t have it. The best storage solutions should:

  • Take up minimal ground space
  • Be flexible in terms of where they work
  • Be reasonably cost effective  
  • Boost the aesthetic of your room 

Anyone who has rented an unfurnished apartment knows the pain of having no shelves, and thus nowhere to stash your stuff – especially when your landlord won’t allow you to drill into the wall. 

We are here to suggest some creative ways of maximizing your storage, to reduce clutter and improve your life. 

  • Contents

    Self-adhesive wall hooks

Hang up your small items, like keys, on these sticky wall hooks. They won’t get lost any more, and you can grab them just before you leave the house. No more pocket-patting and running about for 10 minutes before you go out! 

  • Hanging storage 

Dressers can be costly, both in terms of price and the amount of space they take up. Wardrobes can also be tricky to organise, with clothes falling off their hangers and getting increasingly messy. Try hanging this cloth shelving unit from your clothing rail and storing your folded shirts and trousers inside it, instead. 

  • Corner Shelves 

Shelving and storage in bathrooms can be a challenge! There are often a lot of toiletries, medicines and hygiene products which, if stored incorrectly, are at risk of moulding due to the higher levels of damp in a bathroom: If you leave your shampoo on the floor of the shower, it doesn’t take long for it to get sticky and gross. 

Corner shelves take up so little space that they are barely noticeable. They are easy to attach, and they can hold all of your items safely and cleanly, with their in-built drainage. 

  • Wall-mounted shelves 

These are a classic. They work pretty much anywhere and take up no ground space, which is important, especially if you have a smaller house. Wall-mounted shelves are very useful fixtures for particularly kitchens and living rooms. They enable you to keep your counters clear for food prep and keep the room looking sleek and minimal. 

In living rooms, they provide a space to keep any books, stationary and any bits and bobs you aren’t sure what to do with. You can even boost the vibe of your room by showing off your plants, photos and figurines on them. 

Storage, not “yawn”age 

All in all, shelving units can be far more interesting than your run-of-the-mill standing shelf. Storage can be an exciting opportunity for you to let your inner interior designer run wild and get creative. Storage needn’t be a bore, and tidying up can be fun. Get in touch with us if you would like some help working out how to best take advantage of the space in your home.

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