6 must-try DIY Christmas Decorations

Somehow it is that time of the year again. It’s getting dark at 4pm, there’s a chill in the air and Mariah has dusted off her vocal chords, yet again. One of the nicest things about Christmastime is the decorations. Twinkling lights in the street, neighborhood front garden competitions and that one person who always brings out the giant blow-up snowman. 

Having spent November in lock-down there’s been more time to get creative. So here are some ideas you can try by yourself to bring your own unique sense of festive cheer to your home. 

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    Dried Citrus

Citrus makes a really good material for DIY christmas decorations. This is because, firstly, you can get it in three colours (orange, yellow and green) and secondly it gives your room a subtle sweet scent. 

Dry out slices of your fruits, or buy them pre-dried, and go to town with the twine, glitter and wire. You can hang these from your shelves to give the room a rustic, farmhouse vibe, or include them in your front door wreath. Consider also looping twine around them and hanging them from your tree for a Mediterranean twist. 

  • Stockings are for more than keeping your feet cosy

Ah, stockings. The most exciting part of christmas for any child! Hang them from an oak shelf in your living room and put greenery and wreaths on top of the shelf to make a real decorative centerpiece out of them. 

Your kids will be so excited to see them full on Christmas morning! 

  • Scented candles 

Candles make everything more cosy. Especially if they have those lovely christmas smells, like cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg! You can deck out your scented candle by gluing different coloured pieces of cellophane to the glass. 

You’ll have a mini stained glass effect, making the room shimmer, all displayed prettily on your shelf

If you are lacking the space for a massive 9 foot tall tree, it’s just as nice to get a miniature spruce and display it on your shelf or table. You can still decorate it and bring festive cheer to your home, just more subtly. You can still fit presents under it! 

  • Who said presents need to go on the floor anyway? 

On that point, there’s actually no need to keep your gifts on the floor, where they may get damaged. Consider getting a little bit more creative and showing off your gifts on your wall-bound floating shelves. It’s just as fun, and easier to distribute them! 

Who doesn’t love an elf on the shelf?! Surprise your children every day by moving the pesky little fellow to different places in your house. It will be a game for them to guess where he will show up next. 

You can even make the elf together, using cardboard and pipe cleaners. Get the christmas excitement and festive cheer flowing! 

We would like to wish all of you a very merry christmas, from all of us at handcrafted shelves!

Amen Sharma